Truck accident lawyer – When a car accident lawyer isn’t the right choice

by: Alessandra de Faria

A truck accident, is not always the same as a car accident. With semi-trucks, larger transport trucks, and hauling trucks, the accidents are not only larger, but may involve far more damage to the truck (cars) as well as to surrounding property. With this in mind, there might be cargo or freight on board. What happens to the damaged goods, or items you can’t deliver to your customers due to damage in the accident? A car accident attorney is not as well equipped, prepared, or up to date on the laws in this field, as a truck accident lawyer who specializes in these types of claims. So, if it is a major accident, if the damage is far greater than a typical car crash, and when there are issues you simply don’t know how to deal with or resolve on your own, hiring a top truck accident lawyer may be the best solution for you when you are involved in the accident.


Commercial vehicles and companies have more money –
Guess what? A commercial company, that has hundreds of trucks on the road, doing delivery work for customers, is going to have far more money than a driver you are involved in an accident with, in a traditional, smaller case, car accident. A truck accident lawyer is going to know how to deal with this fact. Commercial companies have much more money than you do. In turn, they can hire the best commercial attorneys, can hire those who know how to make “things go away,” and know what they can do, in order to simply pay off a driver for far less than is owed to them, when an accident does ensue.

When you hire a specialized truck accident lawyer, they will know how to deal with these major companies, and the major truck accident you are involved in. Not only do they know how to deal with the “politics” that are involved, they also know that major companies and commercial companies are going to try to pay you off, in an attempt to forgo legal processes, and possibly being sued. Your attorney will not only inform you of the right decision to make (settle or not), but will guide you through the entire process.

They will ensure you receive what is owed to you –
Again, these major companies have money. In turn, they can pay the very best legal team. And, these top commercial lawyers are trained to work for the company, not for you as the injured party who doesn’t have money to pay them. In turn, if they do try to settle with you, and you are not being represented by a professional truck accident lawyer, this can mean potentially leaving thousands of dollars (sometimes far more in a major accident) on the table. Since you don’t know what your claim is worth, if they offer you $10,000, you might think this is more than enough to cover the costs. What you don’t know (and what these commercial attorneys and businesses know) is that they should really be paying you $50,000. So, if you don’t have a great attorney on your side, and think they are treating you fairly, you are gravely mistaken.

If you want to ensure you fully understand what your claim is worth when a settlement offer is presented to you, it is important to have a truck accident attorney on your side. If the money offered to you is fair and just, they will inform you. If not, they will go back to negotiate, and work to ensure you only settle when you receive what is truly owed to you, for present as well as future damages, as well as for the legal fees you are going to incur when you have to hire a legal team to represent you.

Car accidents and truck accidents are far different. Not only in terms of money, but also the laws, type of and amount of damage, and potential for injuries and death is far greater in truck accidents. Don’t try to represent yourself when you are involved in one. Rather, take the time to find a specialized attorney and legal team who can properly represent you, and will work to ensure the compensation offered to you, is sufficient in considering the type of accident, amount of damage, and the type of truck (and commercial company) involved, based on their ability to pay you after an accident has occurred.

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