Privacy Policy / Disclosure

Privacy Policy/Disclosure

For drivers who are looking for information about auto accidents, what they should do following a horrible car wreck, where to go for affordable and top insurance on their vehicle, or need to hire a lawyer to assist them following a car accident, is the site to visit. Visitors should however note that this site is strictly used for informational purposes, and is in no way providing drivers or site visitors with information as to how they should act, or the steps which have to be taken after they are involved in an accident or have to call the police after a traffic stop or infraction.

For informational purposes only –
Please note that is a site which is informational only. What this means is that drivers who want information, and would like tips about finding affordable car insurance, want tips about what to do after an accident, or are searching for other tips related to their accident, can find general information about the site. This information is not written by police, by an insurance agent, or by an expert in the auto insurance or auto industry, and with this in mind, should not be taken as information which is provided on an expert basis. All information on the site is strictly informational, and is written with the intent to provide drivers, site visitors, and those who are interested in the topics, with general tips and advice, written by a content writer who did general research on the topics.

Note legally binding for information on the site –
Anyone who visits for informational purposes, does so on an at will basis. This information is not legally binding, and the operator of the site does not maintain it as 100% factual, or as information being written by an expert in the field. It is general information which is being provided to visitors, drivers, and anyone who is running a general online search, for various topics surrounding car accidents, auto insurance, or general information pertaining to finding discounted rates on insurance policies. Regardless of the information a site visitor seeks, and regardless of how they choose to use this information, the site operators would like visitors to be fully aware of the fact that the information is intended to be taken as general information, which has been done using limited online research, and is not being written by an industry expert or specialist in the auto insurance, and legal niche.

On this site, visitors can find a variety of different topics pertaining to auto insurance, auto accidents, how to inform the police, or how to contact their insurance provider, in the event they are involved in an accident, and do have to report the information to their insurer. Please use the information on the site at will, but bear in mind that it is not intended to be legally binding, and does not carry legal weight, in terms of the absolute steps which should be taken, or how drivers should act if they are involved in an accident, or are searching for insurance information online.