Filing a car insurance claim is not difficult

The price of car insurance is one consideration before you agree to buy insurance products. the amount of car insurance rates that must be paid at least not more than 1/3 of all your income, especially if there are other costs that must be paid every month. Premiums must be paid also in accordance with the policy values that you hold, the policy is what will be your guarantor to make a claim to the insurer. Many stories say that to make a claim to the insurance requires a process that is not easy even tend not match expectations. In fact, if the insurance company of its right, then the claims process should be served quickly and uncomplicated. In the claim, there are a few things you should know in order to later claim submission process smoothly.

car insurance claim

What the insurance claim?

The claim is an attempt by the policyholder to seek damages to the insurance company that issued the policy against risk. In case this is if you have an accident that is included in the matters covered by the insurance company, then you are entitled to ask for compensation to ease the cost burden of car repair and other losses. Amount of the indemnity depends on the policy of the insurance company and also the price of car insurance.

What to do when filing a claim

The terms and procedures for customers to make a claim has been determined by the insurance company as well as the price of car insurance. Is an obligation for you as a policyholder to understand the procedures that have been applied so that the process of filing a claim can be more smoothly. Some things to note for the smooth running of a car insurance claim are as follows:

Car insurance rates you pay are used to repair costs as a result of an accident or loss. Thus it was immediately reported to the insurance company at least up to 3 x 24 hours after the accident occurred.

You can file an insurance claim car outside of the city by visiting or contacting the nearest branch office of the insurance company. likewise, if an accident outside of town.

If the car is lost, report the incident to the nearest police station, then set up chronologically loss or accident clearly and truthfully. The price of car insurance that you pay will be in vain if there are indications of a deliberate intention to have a claim.


Complete documentation such as policies, vehicle registration, the identity of the other driver involved in the accident as well as other documents that would otherwise require the insurance company.

To repair the car, you should enter to the garage that has become a partner with the insurance company and is characterized by Work Order.

Which could make an insurance claim fails

Even if you already routinely pay the price of car insurance premiums in accordance with, there is the possibility of proposing And claims could be rejected by the company. Some of the things that cause a car insurance claim rejected are:

Fixing own car or put the car into the garage without a previous report to the insurance company. This would make the insurance company to assess the extent of damage difficult and also the cost of car insurance rates can be availed.

A driver who was driving when the accident occurred does not have a valid driving license, drunk as alcohol or under the influence of drugs.

Functional vehicle does not match the type of dependents. For example car mini bus that you use in the policy is a personal car but you use as a shuttle business. Claims for your car can be rejected despite having to pay the price of car insurance.

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