Bad car accidents – What steps should you take if you are involved in one?

by: Alessandra de Faria

Bad car accidents occur on a daily basis. Sure, no driver goes out each day in hopes of getting into a car accident; in fact, most drivers are extremely cautious each time they get behind the wheel, and take all necessary steps to avoid major (or minor) car wrecks. With this being said, there is no way to get around the fact that there are distracted drivers on the road. There are drivers who are going to text, who are going to talk on the phone while driving, or are going to be distracted by their kids who are fighting in the backseat of the car. So, what do you do when you are involved in car crashes ? Whether you are the liable party, or are the innocent party involved in a wreck, these are some things to consider following the accident.

Contact police authorities immediately –
Upon determining no major injuries have ensued and 911 doesn’t have to be called to rush someone to the hospital, make sure you call the police. If at all possible, without interfering with evidence at the scene, or leaving the scene of the accident (and if necessary to avoid damage or traffic backups) move your vehicle to a safe location. Call the police and make sure you gather as much information as possible about the scene. Doing this will not only help to preserve evidence, but also allows you to explain to the cops how the car accident occurred, who was driving, what you noticed the other driver doing, and so forth. The more you can gather, and the more pertinent information you can provide to the police, the better.

Inform your insurer –
Most drivers are fearful of the fact that bad car wrecks means an increase or hike in auto insurance rates. For the most part, and if you had no fault or liability whatsoever, then this should not be the case. You shouldn’t be afraid to report the accident. In fact, doing so, is the only way to ensure damages are covered, you aren’t liable if the other driver calls their insurer to report the accident, and it also ensures you are protected by your insurer, in the event the other driver isn’t insured, or doesn’t have enough insurance to cover all liabilities. Your insurer is going to ask a series of questions, and will try to gather as much information as possible. The more details you can provide, the more honest you are, and the more you can detail the accident and how it took place, the less of a burden there will be on you, and the less likely it is that your insurer is going to hike up policy rates due to an accident. Especially if you had no fault whatsoever and were the innocent, responsible driver in the situation.

We don’t want them to occur, but they do. In order to ensure your rights are preserved, you aren’t stuck with huge repair bills, and you are fully covered following bad car accidents, these are a few steps you should take if you are ever a party to an accident.

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  1. That’s reassuring to know that if you’re not at fault your insurance won’t spike the rates. When I was a teenager I got into a little fender bender. My insurance went through the roof and I didn’t drive for awhile because of it. I’m trying to find an attorney for my sister, she got in a wreck a couple days ago, she’s only reported it to the insurance so far.

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